CBLNHGA – Overview

Welcome to the website for the Cocoa Beach Ladies Nine Hole Golf Association.  This is a membership association, but you are welcome to play with us as a guest before you join.

Golf days are Wednesday and Friday mornings at Cocoa Beach Country Club. To play on league days:

  1. Pay Pro Shop for your round;
  2. Sign in on league attendance sheet  (Fridays only);
  3. Check in with starter;
  4. Proceed to 1st tee on the designated course.

The league tees off by foursomes; first come first, filling in gaps with single players as needed.  We tee off in the order of arrival/sign-in beginning at 8:00am (December through April); 7:30am (May through November).

The CBLNHGA follows USGA rules, except where modified by local rules established by the golf course and by Association Rules.  We follow stroke play.

We play a competitive game on Fridays and have monthly tournaments.  Tournaments are typically held on the third Friday of each month during the Fall/Winter/Spring seasons.  See Tournament Schedule page for full details.

The Club establishes a handicap for each member.  A five-score handicap is sufficient for most games, but members must have a full 20-score handicap and active status to play in the two major tournaments (President’s Cup & Club Championship) that we hold each year.

The league awards nominal prizes for birdies and flight winners of competitive games (Friday’s only).  Put a quarter in the piggy bank after signing in on Fridays for the “chip in fund.”  Fund accumulates and is paid out (monthly) to those chipping in on Fridays.