Adjusting 9 Hole Scores

         HANDICAP                                               MAXIMUM

5 through 9                                                             7

10 through 14                                                         8

15 through 19                                                          9

20 or more                                                              10

  1. Write down total strokes for each hole.  Add up gross score.  Write it down on card.
  2. To get adjusted score, for each hole where the gross score exceeds your allowable maximum, indicate with dots the excess number of strokes.
  3. Subtract the total excess from your gross score.  This is your adjusted score.
  4. Write down and circle the adjusted score.
  5. Enter adjusted (not gross) scores into the GHIN system.
  6. On Fridays, record the exact actual score for each hole on the tournament sheets. DO NOT adjust tournament sheet scores.