Cocoa Beach Ladies Nine Hole Golf Association


I. Association

The Ladies Nine Hole Golf Association (LNHGA) is an affiliate and member of the Cocoa Beach Women’s Golf Association (CBWGA).  All LNHGA business is conducted independently of the CBWGA.  The two groups assist each other with invitationals, other “at home” major events, and on other occasions as appropriate.

II. Membership

  • Membership in both the CBWGA and LNHGA shall not be permitted.  No member of the LNHGA may belong to any 18-hole group in the Golf League Federation of which Cocjoa Beach is a member.
  • To be an active member, a golfer must have paid the annual dues and have a league handicap.
  • Total membership in the LNHGA is limited to 100 golfing members.

III. Executive Board

The executive board shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Historian
  • Membership Chairperson
  • Weekly Events Chairperson
  • Directory Chairperson
  • Web Administrator

All members of the Executive Board, except for the Immediate Past President, will participate fully in all Board decisions.

IV. Election of Officers

 The slate of officers shall be presented and the election of officers held at the December general meeting.  New officers shall be introduced at the January luncheon and shall take office on January 1.

V. Executive Board Responsibilities

  1. I President
    • Be responsible for all activities of the LNHGA and scheduling thereof.
    • Preside at all LNHGA meetings and functions, or ensure that the Vice President or other designee is able to do so.
    • Appoint chairpersons of all committees.
    • Act as interface with Club/Golf Course management for all LNHGA affairs.
    • With Executive Board concurrence, appoint replacements to fill any office vacancy during the season.
    • Appoint an audit committee to review and to audit the books of the association at the beginning of the year.
  2. Vice President
    • Preside at meetings and functions in the absence of the President.
    • Be responsible for planning and conducting the annual Club Championship tournament and luncheon.
    • Perform other duties assigned by the President.
  3. Secretary
    • Record minutes of all meetings; post General Meeting minutes on the Association Bulletin Board.
    • Prepare and dispatch correspondence as required.
    • Retain all official records of the LNHGA, including copies of the treasurer’s reports.
    • Send get well and condolence cards
  4. Treasurer
    • Be responsible for all monies of the LNHGA.
    • Make timely payments of all bills incurred by the LNHGA.
    • Present a report of treasury actions at meetings.
    • Maintain membership list.
  5. Membership Chairperson
    • Handle the processing and admission of new members.
  6. Directory Chairperson
    • Responsible for publication and distribution of directory.
  7. Historian
    • Collect reports from event chairpersons and retain them in the records.
  8. Weekly Events Chairperson
    • Be responsible for eligibility for major events.
    • Be responsible for weekly events on Fridays
  9. Web Administrator
    • Be responsible for maintenance of web site

VI. Meetings

Regular general meetings shall be held on the third Friday of every month unless circumstances dictate a change.  In such cases, the change shall be announced at lest one week prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.

No meeting shall be held in June, July, August, or September.

Members present shall constitute a quorum.

The Executive Board shall meet at the discretion of the President.

VII. Dues

  • Dues for the LNHGA shall be established at the November meeting for the following year and be voted on at the meeting by the membership.  Dues are payable by January luncheon, after January luncheon delinquent members shall be dropped from membership.
  • Dues in full shall apply to all new members who apply prior to October 1.  New members who apply after October 1 dues shall be one half the amount of dues for regular members.
  • Honorary memberships shall be one half the amount of dues for regular members.  They will be offered to long-term members who no longer wish to be active golfers.  They will be welcome at all social functions and will be listed in the Directory.
  • Anyone who has been a member of the League for 10 years or more and is 90 years or older shall become a lifetime member. She may participate in all activities and only be responsible for the cost of her golf.

VIII. Weekly Tournaments

  • To be eligible for prizes, a member must have a USGA handicap. (Five scores shall be sufficient to obtain a temporary USGA handicap.)
  • Weekly tournaments may be scheduled at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  • Guests may occasionally participate in weekly play upon payment of greens fees, but shall not be eligible for tournaments.  This participation is limited to two times per year.
  • In case of ties in weekly tournaments, duplicate prizes shall be awarded.

IX. Major Tournaments

  • Biennial Invitational*
  • Club Championship and Awards Luncheon* (Luncheon is free to all fully active members.)
  • President’s Cup*
  • Annual Luncheon (Open to all members.  Guests are not permitted. No league golf on this day.)

NOTE: Special Events Chairperson is not responsible for the Invitational, Club Championship, or Play Days at Other Courses. Responsibility for these is delegated by the President.

  • To be eligible for the “*” tournament events, a member must have an established USGA handicap (20 scores) and be on active member status.
  • Specifics for certain major events:
    • Club Championship
      • Tournament shall be stroke play; number of days of play shall be determined by the Executive Board.
      • Flights, pairings, and tee times shall be assigned.
      • Club Champions (Gross and Net) shall receive a trophy or plaque.
    • Invitationals
      • Home Invitational
        • Purchase of all prizes shall be through the Club Pro.
        • Invitational post-play luncheon shall be held at the Cocoa Beach Country Club restaurant.
      • Away Invitationals
        • As a special courtesy, the LNHGA President shall be included to attend all invitationals or may appoint a representative from the Executive Board to attend in her place.  Other LNHGA participants shall be picked by a drawing done in the presence of members.
      • President’s Cup shall be stroke play.  The President’s Cup will be awarded to one winner for actual low net for the field.  The name of the winner will be placed on a plaque on the Clubhouse wall.

X. Expenditures of LNHGA Funds

These rules govern expenditures of the LNHGA funds:

  1. Ordinary Expenditures
    • All ordinary expenditures applicable to operating the LNHGA (such as tournament prizes, luncheons, membership handicaps, supplies, and other member benefits as appropriate) shall be made automatically or as treasury balance permits.
    • Cards shall be sent in case of illness of a member, or on such other occasions as deemed appropriate.
  2. Extraordinary Expenditures
    • Executive Board approval shall be deemed sufficient for expenditures for extraordinary instances (i.e., gifts, remembrances, etc. for persons other than members of LNHGA).

XI. Amendments to Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership present at a regular meeting.

Past Association Presidents

1975-76  Margaret Ramos

1976-77  Betty Cramer

1977-78  Joyce Dixon

1978-79  E. Fisher/E. McElwain

1979-81  Allie Brown

1981-82  Gladys Mosher

1982-83  Genevieve Link

1983-84  Jill Condon

1984-85  Colleen Leffler

1985-86 Jean Schenk

1986-87  Macie Gibson

1987-88  Shirley Boothman

1988-89  Lila Carman

1989-90  Marion Hammen

1990-92 Joanne Clark

1993  Nancy Strand

1994-95  Junia Twyon (2 terms)

1996  Marge Jackson

1997-98  Jean Cornelius (2 terms)

1999-2000  Mary Berg (2 terms)

2001  Jean Cornelius

2002-2003  Barbara Treede & Nancy Errico (2 terms)

2004-2005  Wendy Morrison & Barbara Treede (2 terms)

2006-07  Cynthia Cyr & Marge O’Brien (2 terms)

2008 – 13 Marge O’Brien (6 terms)

2014 – 15 June Sinclair & Alberta Ellis (2 terms)

2016 – 18 Carole Bleasdale & Mary Reardon (3 terms)

                      2019 Carole Bleasdale

2020 Carole Bleasdale and Marge O’Brien

2021 Carole Bleasdale and Marge O’Brien