Meeting Minutes


CALL TO ORDER: 11:10 a.m.


  • Carole Bleasdale welcomed the honorary golfers
  • Thanks to Francine Pease and Diane Fitsgerald for organizing this Snowflake Tournament


  • Dues – Because of our good financial situation, dues have been reduced to $55 for 2019. These are due by January 18.  Checks should be made payable to CBLNHGA and given to Marge O’Brien.
  • The Winter Luncheon will be held January 18 at The Tulip in Cocoa. Menu options will include chicken, fish and pasta.
  • Shirts – Because there are a lot of new members, it has been decided that new club shirts should be ordered. The Shirt Committee is Connie, Barbara and Sarah.  Suggested colors are navy and tan.
  • Tournaments for 2019 – a list was circulated so people could sign up to organize next year’s events. There will be a comprehensive instruction sheet and a senior advisor to assist event organizers.  All spots have been filled!  Thanks for volunteering.
  • Nester Fund – This is a fund set up by the local Kiwanis to provide shoes for children in Brevard County. The CBLNHGA has been supporting this fund for many years.  A donation of $5 or more is suggested and can be given to Jean until the Winter Luncheon.


The slate of officers  presented is as follows:

  • President Carole Bleasdale
  • Co VPs Patti Nixon and Wendy Morrison
  • Secretary Debbie Capasso
  • Treasurer Marge O’Brien

All voted in favor of this slate of officers.

Also serving for another year are:

  • Lee Hoyt in charge of weekly events and attendance
  • Ann Bernardi as historian
  • Francine Pease for membership and directory

Thank you and congratulations.


  • Decorations and containers: Another call was put out to attempt to locate the Club’s plastic bins full of event decorations and containers.  A suggestion was made to ask Avis.
  • Table supplies: The league has tablecloths and plates, bowls, napkins and plasticware.  This is to be passed on to the people who are running the next tournament.
  • The Golf club has requested that no one go into the kitchen to access the refrigerators. If you are bringing food that needs to be refrigerated, please leave it on the cart and staff will put it in the refrigerator.


Marge O’Brien reported the following figures:

Bank balance as of October 31                   $4,161.53

Recent expenses                                                  583.37

Recent deposits                                                      41.00

Current balance                                               3,578.16

WELCOME TO NEW MEMBER:  Welcomed Paula Clarke to the league.

NOTE REGARDING PLAY:  The red tees are set quite far back.  The first group out in the morning can move them forwards.  Some holes have a plaque at the red

WEEKLY AWARDS:  Lee passed out the golf balls, birdie pins and chip-in money for the last month.

50 – 50:  Winner Marge O’Brien  $53.00


3rd place  Score of 46 by Gert Zorn, Carol Innes and Carloe Campbell

2nd place  Score of 45 by Connie Schoenfeld, Carole Bleasdale, Marge O’Brien, Diane          Fitzgerald

1st place  Score or 45 by Patti Nixon, June Sinclair, Joyce Smith and Marge Schneider

Submitted by Martha Beach


President Carole Bleasdale called the meeting to order at 11:12 am.

Adoption of December 8 Snowflake Tournament Minutes.  Deb Capasso announced that minutes are posted on the bulletin board.

Treasurer’s Report:  Marge reported a balance of $4,624.29

Carole introduced new members.

Judy Miller, Sheila Soileau, Sallee Raffa, Christine Jorge, Bernadette Carrigo,                 Diane Fitzgerald, Joan Garrett, Midge Jacobs, Paula Clark

Marge discussed upcoming Invitational Tournament on March 23.

 Sign up sheet is posted.

Cost is $45.00 which includes play, breakfast, lunch, etc.

CB league members are to bring a small gift with $10 value.

72 players, 6 leagues invited.  We will be playing on River.

Bag “boys”.  Sharon and Jeannie will recruit.

Breakfast.  Gert and Francine to coordinate but CB members to donate breakfast items.

Discussion of the Club Championship which is being handled by Patti.  Dates are March 9, 14 and 16.  On the 9th and 14th, golf as usual.  Foursomes will be made for the 16th.   Another player must keep your score.  If a member is not eligible to play they may still golf and have lunch.

Website:  Amy is able to put items if members email her.  She would like a member to learn to use dropbox.  Francine will attempt to learn dropbox.

2018 Handbooks were distributed to members.

Carole discussed and reminded members of golf etiquette.

  1. Play ready golf.
  2. On a water hole – you can change to a water ball when on the tee not when you get up to the water.
  3. Lost Ball – Only take a moment to look for a ball.  This is a game and balls don’t cost that much.  It’s okay to dip in to the bushes, brush your club through the tall grass but if that ball hasn’t appeared after a minute, just assume it’s in a better place, take your drop and move along.
  4. Water Hazards – refer to handbook.
  5. Be aware of where you park the cart.  Don’t leave it behind and then have to go back to get it.  Park it on the path when you reach the green.
  6. Be silent, watch your motion and your shadow when someone else is hitting.  On the green, continue to play ready golf even if it’s not your turn.  For example, if Susie is farthest out but had to go back to cart to get putter, then play until she gets back.
  7. Try not to step in another’s line.
  8. First person to finish should put the flag in after all have putted out.
  9. A stroke is considered a putt when the ball is on the green not on the fringe even if you use your putter, except if a ball was putted while on the green and rolls off the next stroke is a putt.  Once you have attained the green, all strokes after are putts.
  10. Be ready to putt when it’s your turn.  Do all your putting routine when someone else is putting as longs as it doesn’t interfere.  If your putt goes within a foot or two of the hole ask to finish out if you want.

50/50.  $121.00 total.  Sarah won for $60.50.

Lee gave prizes catching up for the past year.

Rally Results: We have passed $10,000.  Looking for another participant.  CondeNaste is not giving prizes but said we could collect our own prize money to buy prizes.  Sue Brady acknowledged members who have survived and gave roses to the survivors.

Rally for the Cure Winners:

1st Place –             Score 36.  Morrison, Beard, Brady, Miller

2nd Place               Score 40.  Ernsky, Raffa, Reardon, Kunkler

3rd Place               Score 41.  Schoenfeld, Currieri, Dooher, Eisenbarth

Meeting adjourned at 11:38 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Capasso


Carole Bleasdale opened the meeting at 11:27am

The Winter Luncheon:  The winter luncheon will be on Friday, January 19, 2018 at the Tulip in Cocoa Village. Social hour will start at 11am with dining to begin at 12 noon.  We suggest you carpool because parking can be scarce.

Your entree choices are :

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin

Chicken Marsala

Catch of the day

Included with the meal are vegetables, starch, bread and butter, and dessert. The stipend is $5 and payable to Marge.

The quilt from Mary and Ann will be auctioned off.

Other Business

Dues are $60 and should be paid by check.

For Friday play, the first group out must remember to get the chip-in pig, sign-in sheet, flight sheet, putt book, and the game of the day poster from our locker. The last group in puts all of the above in our locker for Lee to pick up. Do remember to put your first and last name on the all of the sheets!

Lee handed out the monthly tournaments balls.

There is still a need for managers for several monthly tournaments (May, November, December). Anne will have the paperwork for all the monthly tournaments.

The invitational is scheduled for March23 and Marge O’Brien is in charge. There is a need for managers for the following areas


Bag-boys (for putting golf bags on the carts)

Donations and favors for the gifts we give out,

Sell birdies and chip-in, mulligans and 50/50s


Wendy is doing our program again.

Lee Hoyt brought up the issue of many players not being able to get the required number (10) of Friday plays in before the Club Championship. A motion was made by Wendy to not require a minimum numbers of plays to be eligible for the Club Championship, for this one time only, because of the terrible weather and course conditions impacting play. It was also suggested the Championship be moved back to February to avoid scheduling conflicts with our Invitational. The motion carried, but will have to be decided by the Board because of our By-Laws.

Francine requested your luncheon decorations should be neatly organized for storage.

Our WinnersSnowflake tournament

1st with a 38,  $15 each – Gregory, Cornelius, Karbler

2nd with a 41, $10 each – Pittman, Emmons, Smith, Morrison

3rd with a 44, $5 each – Nixon, Baytos, Eisenbarth

Winner of the 50/50 tickets – Marge O’Brien $36

President Cup Winner: Wendy Morrison

Most improved: Sara Ernsky

Treasurer’s Report

Balance as of 10/31/2017                               $3155.34

Deposit: 12/07/2017 $1,105

$1080 (Dues for 18 members).

25 (Balance of 50/50 from November)

$20 was given to Heidi for the tip

Balance as of 12/08/2017                                $4,260.34

Election of 2018 Officers

    Co-presidents: Mary Reardon and Carole Bleasdale

    Vice-President: Patti Nixon

    Secretary: Debbie Capasso

    Treasurer: Marge O’Brien

    Historians:  Avis Schroeder and Ann Bernardi

    Membership/Directory: Francine Pease (replacing Gail Callahan)

    Weekly events:  Lee Hoyt

Motion to adjourn by Connie and seconded by Marge


Meeting was called to order by Co-President Carole Bleasdale at 11:15 AM,

New members Diane Fitzgerald and Janice Burnelle were introduced.

June Sinclair gave an update on Alberta Ellis and Jean Cornelius updated us on Laverne Redmeier ‘s husband..

The slate of officers for 2018 was discussed with the floor open for nominations. The projected slate is as follows:

Co-Presidents: Carole Bleasdale and Mary Reardon

Vice President: Patti Nixon

Secretary:  Deb Capasso

Treasurer:  Marge O’Brien

Election will be held at December meeting and Installation at the January luncheon.

The following Chairs were also announced:

Membership : Francine Pease

Weekly Events: Lee Hoyt

Historian: Avis Schroeder

Directory: Gail Callahan

Francine Pease discussed Snowflake Tournament on Dec. 8,

The President’s Cup will be played on Dec. 6. Regular tees must be used for this tournament.

Treasurer, Marge O’Brien announced that there was $446.96 in Savings and $3155.34 in checking.

The new green forward tees may be used but those scores cannot be used for handicaps until the three courses are rated for those tees.

Our January 19th winter luncheon will be held at The Tulip. A stipend of $5.00 will be collected

It was suggested that the $5 BILL plus a check for dues in the amount of $60.00 , be put in the same envelope and given to Marge O’Brien by that date , at the latest. Checks should be made out to:CBLNHGA.

Jean Cornelius will collect for the NESTOR SHOE FUND. A donation of $5.00 was suggested.

Marge O’Brien will be chairing the Invitational we will be hosting in 2018. Please volunteer to help.

Slow play was discussed. Suggestions were made on how to accomplish this.

Having shotguns on Fridays at 8:00 was discussed. If put into effect, it would cease by the new year.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00. Seconded by Mary Fran Kane.


I have reviewed the books for 2016 for the CBLNHGA.  They balance with the bank and all is in order.
Debbie Steininger,
CBLNHGA Member in Good Standing


Vice-President, Amy Gregory, greeted the tournament participants and thanked Marge O’Brien and Jean Cornelius for all of their work chairing the May tournament. The winners of the tournament were as follows:

FIRST PLACE: Schoenfeld, Pittman, Capasso, Smith

SECOND PLACE: Trede, Ernsky, Macintosh, Innis

THIRD PLACE: Morrison, Nixon, Baytos, O’Brien

FOURTH PLACE: Gregory, Pease, Sinclair, Cornelius

 Friday games Chairperson, Lee Hoyt, distributed prizes from previous games and announced that there would be no more Friday games until October.

Patti Nixon won the 50-50 prize of $37.50.

Lunch was purchased from the golf course restaurant.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Trede


President Carole Bleasdale welcomed and thanked the women from the 18 hole golf league for playing in the April golf tournament as our guests.

Kay Howkins, President of the 18 hole golf league, expressed appreciation for the invitation.

Lee Hoyt, Friday game chairperson, distributed golf balls and monies to the winners of previous Friday games and chip-ins.

Carole introduced and thanked the tournament chairs , Linda Karbler and Joyce Smith,  who announced the winners as follows:

FIRST PLACE: Miller, Capasso, Innis, Brady

SECOND PLACE: Ernsky, Walker, Curreri, Pittman

THIRD PLACE: Nixon, Brady, Kane, Njus

FOURTH PLACE: McCleary, Maynard, Cornelius, Wilson

A delicious lunch buffet was enjoyed by the players.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Trede


Co-President Mary Reardon opened the meeting at 11:35 am.

Treasurer Marge O’Brien presented the budget. Mary discussed how we must remain within the budget because the money was tight. Tournament chairwomen must use only the $5.00 collected plus the mulligan money to pay for prizes, decorations and $20 for Heidi and servers.

Decorations are available through Ann Bernardi. All those with decorations were asked to bring them in and give them to Ann.

Happy Birthday was sung to June Sinclair, a St. Patrick’s baby.

Carol Wright, a new member, introduced herself.

Ann Dooher requested that the present requirements for eligibility to play in the Championship be reexamined. Lee Hoyt explained that eligibility would not be a problem next year as many of the new players, who joined in January, would have the requisite number of Fridays.

Amy Gregory asked if the informational emails she sent were helpful. All members agreed that they were helpful. She also requested that those without email contact someone who does.

Joyce Smith discussed the April 21 picnic.

Lee Hoyt distributed chip-in money and prize balls.

Barbara Trede won $70 in the 50-50.

The Club Championship winners were announced as follows:









Amy thanked the league for having her and discussed how she played when she first joined.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:05.


Rally for the Cure  Meeting Minutes
Carole Bleasdale called the meeting to order at 11.35am.  She introduced new member Gert Zorn and welcomed all guests.  The minutes from the November meeting were accepted as posted for the past two months.  The treasurer’s report of a 16 February 2017 balance of $$3543.62  was also accepted.

Avis Schroeder is currently hospitalized; cards were signed to be sent to her home.

The Viera East Invitational is Wednesday 15 March, the middle day of the Club Championship.
Given a choice between changing the date of our Championship or having to opt out of it or the tournament in Viera, there was an overwhelming preference for switching our start date to 8 March.  This does not alter any eligibility-timing for anyone.  The correct dates for the Club Championship are now 8, 10, and 17 March 2017.

For the Viera East tournament on 15 March, 15 golfers play and alternates can often have a spot as well.  The cost is $45.00 and checks made out to CBLNHGA should be given to Marge O’Brien so a single payment can be made to Viera East.

Beginning Friday 24 February, a new starting procedure will be tried.  There will be no sign-up sheet in the clubhouse.  Instead two officers will have the sign-up sheet at the first tee between 7.30 and 8.00 to send foursomes out to play.  After 8.00 the sheet will be back in the pro shop.
Anyone coming then will sign up there and go to the tee.  The whole purpose of this trial is to facilitate efficient starts for everyone.  If you want to play later or to play with a specific partner, please make arrangements ahead of time.

Carole asked that the first foursome on Dolphin #8 move the tee blocks to the front tee if they are not already there so there is no additional distance ahead of getting over the water.

In Avis Schroeder’s absence Ann Bernardi volunteered to house the containers of tournament decorations to keep them all in one place and make it more convenient for each set of tournament chairwomen to locate them.

Ann Bernardi also volunteered to take up again her old job of Historian during Avis’ absence.  She will provide the information sheets to tournament chairs before they begin organizing the tournament and take in the report sheets one the tournament has taken place.  This position includes attending monthly board meetings.

Francine Pease told members of the “how to” booklets available in the pro shop to improve play based on suggested playing tips for each hole of each course.  She also asked that members try to wear a name tag on tournament days so everyone gets to know each other.

Carole ended with a reminder that anyone signed up for a tournament who must cancel should ring the chair to let her know to adjust the teams.

Barbara Trede, chair of the Rally for the Cure, thanked her committee:  Mary Reardon, Eileen Dumas, Mary Fran Kane, and Sue Brady; announced that 35 members played in the tournament and 38 donated to the Rally making a grand total of $9493 over the past 14 years.

Sue Brady spoke of the value of this tournament and the fortunate survivors among league members:  Diane Doyle, Alberta Ellis, Lee Hoyt, Avis Schroeder, and Gert Zorn who each received a pink rose.

Winners of this year’s tournament were:
4th place — Helen Coffey, Lenora Maynard, Barbara McCarthy, Linda McCleary
3rd place — Eileen Dumas, Joan Eisenbarth, Francine Pease, Debbie Steininger
2nd place — Carole Bleasdale, Debra Capasso, Marge OBrien, Connie Schoenfeld
1st place — Carole Campbell, Joan Curreri, Patti Nixon, and a ghost score.

Barbara announced the closest-to-the-pin winner on River #2.  Marie Kunkler won a new WEDGE.  Barbara then distributed Rally for the Cure golf balls.

At 12.15 pm Gail Callahan moved to conclude the meeting.  Sue Brady seconded and all were happy to move on to a fine lunch.


Carole Bleasdale, co-president, led the meeting and welcomed new member, Patty Nixon, to the league.

Secretary’s report:  Tammy Baytos moved and Jean Cornelius seconded that the report of the minutes from the last meeting be accepted as posted on the bulletin board.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report:  Connie Schoenfeld, treasurer, was absent but Marge O”Brien reported for her that as of November 18, 2016 we had $2,744.97 in our treasury as of today, we have $4,778 in our treasury with 33 paid members and dues are DUE NOW.

Carol said there have been some questions about our tee-times.  Right now are start time is supposed to be 8:30AM.

Our “Winter Lunch” will be on January 20, 2017 at the Doubletree hotel, so that we will accommodate our winter visitors with our annual luncheon  There will be no golf that day. A sign-up sheet with the food choices (either beef medallions or Mahi-Mahi) is going around to members present.

The slate of officers for 2017 includes:

Presidents:  Carol Bleasdale and Mary Reardon

Vice President:  Amy Gregory

Secretary: Barbara Trede

Treasurer: Marge O’Brien

Officers will be installed on January 20. Chairs for the picnic event are Linda Carver, Joyce Smith and Francine Pease

Lee Hoyt gave out balls and reminded all that birdies can be counted on Fridays only.

The winners of today’s Snowflake torunament were:

1st place team:  Lenora Maynard, June Sinclair and Wendy Morrison

2nd place team:  Helen Coffey, Debbie Capasso, Marge O’Brien and Amy Gregory

3rd place team:  Sandy Emmons, Diane Doyal, and Joyce Smith

Winner of the President’s Cup(whole field):  Tammy Baytos

Most improved golfer (can be figured two ways):  Debbie C. and Amy G.

Joyce Smith won the 50/50 raffle.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50AM.


The meeting was called to order by co-president, Carole Bleasdale.

Carole thanked Wendy Morrison and Ginger Macintosh for chairing the Turkey Shoot.

New member, Lorrie Pittman was introduced.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by a voice vote.  Motion to accept was made by Jean Cornelius and seconded by Connie Schoenfeld.

Treasurer Connie Schoenfeld reported that there is a balance of $2767.97 in the Treasury. President Bleasdale mentioned that the dues will remain at $60 for full time members, $30 for Honorary and $30 for anyone joining after Oct. 1. It was stressed that it is important to limit expenditures for tournaments to $20.  Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Helen Coffey and seconded by Tammy Baytos. Debbie Steininger volunteered to audit the books.

Jean Cornelius announced the slate of officers for 2017 and had each stand.  There were no nominations from the floor. The motion to close the nominations was made by Connie Schoenfeld and seconded by Helen Coffey.

The following officers will be voted on at the December meeting:

Co-Presidents: Carole Bleasdale and Mary Reardon

Vice President: Amy Gregory

Treasurer: Marge O’Brien

Secretary:  Barbara Trede

Directory:  Gail Callahan

Membership: Francine Pease

Weekly events: Lee Hoyt

Historian: Avis Schroeder

Volunteers to chair various tournaments were asked to sign the circulated sheet.

The members were reminded that the Christmas/ Annual lunch will take place on January 20, 2017 at the Doubletree in Cocoa Beach.  The meeting will begin at 11:00 with lunch at 12:00.

The President’s Cup will be played on Wednesday, Dec. 7. There is a list of members, on the bulletin board, who still may need to play more Fridays to become eligible. Members will come to the course and sign up as usual.  Each should have an individual card that is signed and attested.  There will be a box on the sign-in counter if no one is there to accept them, in case you are in the first group on the tee.

The Snowflake Tournament, chaired by Carole Bleasdale and Mary Reardon, will be held on Friday, Dec. 9.  Please pay your dues at that time.  The President’s Cup and most improved player will be awarded at the tournament.

A reminder was made that the 18 hole ladies will be our guests at the April Picnic.  Marge O’Brien and Joyce Smith will assist but there is need for a chairperson.

While Wednesdays is recognized as a practice day, please follow USGA rules, at least, on Fridays.  Do not have mulligans or gimmes. GHIN has an app for iPhones whereby you can enter your own scores or use the computer in the pro-shop.

We will be guests at the Viera East Invitational in March.  More information will be posted on the bulletin board as received.

Joyce Smith will have a notebook next to the sign up sheets for those interested in playing for low putts.  You must sign your name before you play.

Lee Hoyt presented birdie pins and tournament balls.

Heidi will be in charge of our tablecloths so the committees will not need to access them.

Wendy and Ginger announced the winners of the Turkey Tournament:

1st Place: Miller, Kunkler, Kane and Pease received $15 each.

2nd Place: Campbell, Baytos, Smith, McCarthy received $8 each.

3rd Place: Schoenfeld, Capasso, Macintosh, Schroeder received $5 each.

Fifty-fifty winner Carole Campbell won $42.50.

Jean Cornelius informed the members that Ann Bernardi is undergoing Chemo but will return after Christmas.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Jean Cornelius and seconded by Lee Hoyt.

Respectfully submitted:  Barbara Trede


Amy Gregory, Vice president, opened the meeting after all had participated in the tournament who had registered, and before the catered lunch.

Amy welcomed back all those who had been away for the summer and introduced our newest member, Debbie Steininger.

Amy noted that on November 4, we would not be playing at Cocoa Beach but will be at Turtle Creek G. C.  There is a registration sheet on the bulletin board for those wishing to go there.  It will cost about $20 to play.

Wendy Morrison asked if anyone had the “Turkey Shoot” decorations as she has that tournament next month and will need the decorations.  Please let her know if you have them.

Lee Hoyt then gave balls to the game winners since our last tournament and birdie pins to those who had birdies.

Kay Horton had collected $67 for the 50/50 drawing and the winner was Joyce Smith who received $33, with $34 to the treasury.

The winners of the Tournament were announced as:

          1st place: Edith Miller’s team (Edith, Debbie Capasso, Marge O’Brien, Beverly McCullar.)

          2nd place:  Wendy Morrison’s team(Wendy, Marie Kunkler, Francine Pease, Jean Cornelius.)

          3rd Place: Carole Campbell’s team:  (Carole, Tammy Baytos, Lenora Maynard, Mary Fran Kane.)

Donna Feller thanked her co-tournament worker, Avis Schroeder, and all who helped them including Helen Coffey (mulligans), Kay Horton (50/50 tickets)

Lee Hoyt ( lunch monies,) and anyone else who helped make the tournament possible.

 The meeting concluded at 11:55AM.


Co-President Carol Bleasdale opened the general meeting at 12:10PM after the conclusion of the three-day club championship tournament (March 11, 16 and 18, 2016.)
Carol called for any additions or corrections to the Minutes of the last meeting. There were none and the Minutes were accepted as posted on the club bulletin board.

Treasurer Connie Schoenfeld did not have a report for the meeting.

Old Business:
Carol asked the membership for any comments on the new sign-up procedure.
Joan Curreri noted that there was confusion about our starting time as she had arrived at 8:00AM one morning and was told she had to hurry.
Lee Hoyt noted that individuals had expressed to her that they were having trouble joining a foursome.
There was some discussion of the comments by Amy Gregory, Barbara Trede and Linda McCleary. Amy then explained the purpose of the new sign-up procedure was to keep play moving – “ready” foursomes to go.
Carol addressed the question of “our time for play.” Our club’s official time for play to begin is 8:30AM. However, if members are here before 8:30 and there is no one on the “T sheet” on the course we are designated to play, the starter may send you out early. During the winter months our designed playing time is between 8:30AM and 10:30AM. However, this time frame is not solely ours. So don’t be rude if there are “other” players on the course. In summer, our club’s start time is 8:00AM.

Carol noted that Sara Ernsky’s last name was misspelled in our current directory.

Lee Hoyt distributed weekly awards of birdie pins to Joan Curreri, Connie Schoenfeld and Amy Gregory. Chip-in winnings were given to Eileen Dumas, Debbie Capasso and Tammy Baytos. New golf balls were given to flight winners for the past month.

Championship Tournament results as follows:
Closest to the line: Carol Innis

Closest to the pin: Connie Schoenfeld.

Carol asked winners to put their name and what they won for on the envelope and return to Connie for engraving.

Winner for third flight low net: Donna Feller
“ “ second “ “ “ ; Carol Bleasdale
“ “ first “ ‘ ‘ : Connie Schoenfeld
“ “ third “ “ gross: Avis Schroeder
“ “ second “ “ “ : Barbara McCarthy
“ “ first “ “ “ : Karen Bruce

Winner of low net for the field: Debbie Capasso

Winner of low gross for the field and Club Champion: Amy Gregory

50/50 drawing total was $107. $53 won by Joyce Smith.

Next tournament will be our picnic on April 15. Pay $5 to Linda Karbler to play.

We’ve been invited to play with the 18-hole group on April 19. Information to be posted.

Thanks to Amy G. for a great tournament.

Motion to adjourn by Karen B., seconded by Ann Bernardi. 12:35PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Feller, secretary

CBLNHGA General Meeting Minutes from February 19, 2016

Co-President Carole Bleasdale opened the meeting at 11:39am, welcoming all members present and introducing new member Sarah Ernsky.

Secretary’s report: Minutes from the luncheon meeting on January 15, 2016 were accepted as posted on the league bulletin board and website (

Treasurer’s report: Connie Schoenfeld stated our current balance is $2,602.52. Connie reminded all members to please give all checks to her directly so that she can ensure they are properly handled and accounted for.  Connie also thanked Anne Bernardi for her guidance and work on the audit.

Carole Bleasdale noted that the audit was completed by Anne Bernardi who reported that all was in order.  Thank you (again) to Anne Bernardi for conducting the audit.

League game prizes, chip in monies, and birdie pins were distributed:

  • Birdie Pins: Eileen Dumas, Joan Eisenbarth, Amy Gregory
  • Chip Ins: Jeanne Albaugh, Deb Capasso
  • Golf Balls: Jeanne Albaugh, Karen Bruce, Joan Eisenbarth, Amy Gregory, Beverly McCullar

Holly Gregory may be able to order more league shirts.  Carole asked interested members to raise their hands.  Two members indicated an interest in purchasing a league shirt.

The League Bylaws have been added to the website (  Thanks to Amy Gregory for creating and maintaining the league website.  All of the information pertaining to the league (overview, membership, dues, rules, bylaws, officers, tournament dates, meeting minutes, photo gallery) can be found on the league website.

The league also has business cards (donated by Amy Gregory).  They can be found in the pro shop by our league sign in sheets and on the shelf in front of our bulletin board at CBCC.  Extra business cards are in a box in the league locker.  Please take some if you would like to refer new members and/or promote our league by putting a business card on the bulletin boards of your community associations and social groups.

The Invitational will be held on March 4th.  The sign up sheet was passed around and will be posted on the league bulletin board.  The $45 fee includes 9 holes of golf, breakfast, lunch and prizes.  Marge O’Brien reminded members that the league is accepting donations of gift cards or other items so that each tournament participant has an opportunity to win a prize.  Barbara Ireland reminded everyone about the Bag Boys needed and will send a reminder email to her committee.  All others who volunteered for committees, i.e., prizes, breakfast, etc. should be certain that their groups are organized and the tasks are complete.

1. Bag Boys – Barbara Ireland
2. Breakfast – Ann Dooher and Francine Pease
3. 50/50 raffle – Tammy Baytos and Karen Bruce
4. Mulligans – Carol Campbell and Sue Brady
5. Birdies – Lee Hoyt and Ginger Macintosh
6. Chip-Ins – Ann Bernardi and Jean Cornelius
7. Decorations – Linda McCleary and Jeanne Albaugh.
8. Prize committee: Amy Gregory

Carole Bleasdale announced that the first players out on league days may move the tee box markers to the regular ladies’ play areas if they have not already been moved by the course on Dolphin #8 only.

The CBWGA (18 hole league) has invited us to play in an 18 hole invitational tournament on April 18th.  Fee includes breakfast, 18 holes of golf (likely a scramble format), and lunch.  Carole encouraged all members to consider playing since this is a reciprocal tournament between the two leagues each year.

2016 League Directories are in!  Thank you to Gail Calahan and Francine Pease for their efforts in gathering the information, formatting the directories and getting them printed.

The league memorial plaque has been updated.

The League Championship will be held on March 11, 16, and 18.  Sign in and play as regular on March 11 and 16, turning your card in to the club (Pro Shop counter) after playing.  Players will be assigned to foursomes on the final day of Championship play (March 18).  Lunch will be provided after play on the final day.  Bylaw 8 states that members in good standing (fees paid) with a USGA handicap of 20 scores are eligible to play in the Championship.  Lee Hoyt has posted members who are close to eligibility.

May Picnic is April 15th; coordinated by Linda Karbler and Marge O’Brien.

Rally for the Cure Tournament Summary (thank you, Barbara Trede)

  • 42 paid participants; 35 played in the tournament
  • Congratulations to
    • Wendy Morrison for winning closest to the pin on the Rally hole (hybrid club)
    • Carole Bleasdale, Amy Gregory, Sharon McCombe, Wendy Morrison for staying on the green with their tee shots on the Rally hole (Cure golf balls)
    • 1st place team: Tammy Batos, Marie Kunkler, Barbara McCarthy, Connie Schoenfeld ($20 ea.)
    • 2nd place team: Carole Bleasdale, Eileen Dumas, Barbara Trede ($15 ea.)
    • 3rd place team: Karen Bruce, Jean Cornelius ($8 ea.)
    • 4th place team: Sandy Emmons, Carol Innis, Ginger MacIntosh ($4 ea.)
    • Barbara McIntosh for winning the 50/50 ($68)

Carole’s call for additional business yielded no comments or topics.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:55am.

CBLNHGA General Meeting Minutes from January 15, 2016

Co-President Carole Bleasdale opened the meeting at 10:45 AM, welcoming all members present.
Carol introduced the new Board members: Amy Gregory, Vice President; Donna Feller, Secretary; Connie Schoenfeld, Treasurer (co-President Mary Reardon was absent.)

New members Marie Kunkler and Jean Tuscai were then introduced by Carol.

Secretary’s report: Minutes from the luncheon meeting on December 4, 2015 were accepted as posted on the league bulletin board.

Treasurer’s report: Connie Schoenfeld stated our current balance is $3,420.55. Dues of $60 per year are currently due. Unpaid dues after February 1 are delinquent.

GHIN handicaps are accepted everywhere and carry from course to course. ESC (equitable stroke control) provides for an adjusted total score and is determined by handicap. Amy G. asked if the score should be logged every time a player plays. Carol answered the adjusted score should be logged each time.

Lee Hoyt presented awards for winners of weekly games (balls); chip-ins (Carol Innis, Linda Karbler, Mary Fran Kane, Ginger Macintosh, and Wendy Morrison who had a chip-in birdie.) Birdie pins were awarded to Wendy, Amy Gregory and Jeanne Albaugh.

New Business:
Amy G. introduced a new way to sign in for play and then going to the tee. Lee H. will put the sheet for signing-in on Friday mornings on the counter in the pro shop on Thursday. It will be numbered 1 to 30 and each player should sign in as they arrive in the pro shop. When the player is ready, go to the tee box indicated by the starter and go off in groups of four as they arrive. If there are groups of three or two who wish to play together, wait until all the foursomes have started. There will be no shotgun start except at tournaments. Tee time for our league is 8:00AM to 9:22AM. Players may start before 8:00 if they are present early. Late starters may have groups other than league players mixed in as the Club wants to make full use of the course. First players to arrive on Fridays, should make sure the sign-in sheet is available on the counter and the last group in should return the sign-in sheet and all league materials on the counter to Locker 51.

Invitational: March 4, 2016 chaired by Marge O’Brien and Amy G. They hope to have enough response from area clubs to field at least 72 players but possibly up to 80. Sponsorships for the Invitational are needed from Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral businesses. All members can be trying to get sponsors who will either provide cash, gift cards or gift baskets. Amy has completed a memo for business people who will be participating and members should be sure all receive one for their information. Marge called for voluntary committee members for several areas:
1. bag boys (men) to take ladies’ golf bags and put them on correct carts. Barbara Ireland offered to be in charge of this committee.
2. breakfast (to organize breakfast snacks.) Ann Dooher and Francine Pease volunteered.
3. 50/50 raffle. Tammy Baytos and Karen Bruce volunteered.
4. Mulligans – Carol Campbell and Sue Brady volunteered to sell these.
5. Birdies – Lee Hoyt and Ginger Macintosh volunteered to sell these.
6. Chip-Ins – Ann Bernardi and Jean Cornelius volunteered to sell these.
7. Decorations committee consists of Linda McCleary and Jeanne Albaugh.
8. Prize committee: Amy G. so far.

Next Tournament is Rally for the Cure chaired by Barbara Trede on February 19. This is two tournaments in one. Rally for the Cure tournament costs $20 to enter and provides a “closest to the pin” component with a nice prize. If players wish to play in this tournament, please give your $20 check to Barbara Trede made out to “Rally for the Cure.” There will also be a league tournament with money prizes and this will cost $5 to enter. Sue Brady will be assisting Barbara. Sign-up sheets for BOTH tournaments are on the bulletin board.

Gail Callahan, who is in charge of the league directory, requests that if you have any changes such as phone, address, or e-mail address, please be sure to put the change on the sheet she is circulating so she can get the correct information in the directory. Also, new members please put your information on the sheet too.

Carol noted that there are two tournaments still in need of volunteers to chair and run them: on May 20 is the Spring Fling (Francine P., Marge O., Debbie Capasso and Kay Horton); The Snowflake on December 9, 2016 (Diane Doyle and Joan Curreri.)

Barbara T. noted that one of our members, Polly Grandpre is hospitalized with a heart ailment. Her address is on the league bulletin board. A get well card has been sent from the league.

Our new Historian, Avis Schroeder, has guidelines for chairing tournaments and for after tournament reports. Alberta Ellis has the bins with decorations and paper products for future tournaments, so those running tournaments should get these from her. Usually, you can decorate the day before the tournament. Tablecloths should be taken home and laundered by the chairperson of the tournament after the previous tournament and luncheon are over.

League shirts: Carol posed the question of whether or not we wanted to purchase new shirts as new members cannot purchase our current shirts. The membership voted 14 for the purchase and 16 against, so the question was defeated.

Carol announced that Amy G. built a website for the league so that pertinent league business can be easily viewed by all members. It is on and is also mobile compatible.

Carol stated the Board is proposing moving the Snowflake Tournament to December in place of the Christmas luncheon and having a banquet somewhere in January since we’ve so often had inclement weather in January and the “snowbirds” are usually not here in the beginning of December and miss out on the Christmas luncheon which is paid for by league dues. A question was raised as to why the dues were raised to $60. Connie S. explained that our luncheon at Eau Gallie Yacht Club cost $35 per person and handicaps by GHIN were $15, so the dues had to be raised from the previous $40 to try to get the league back in the “black.” Alberta moved and Mary Fran seconded that the change of the Snowflake tournament to December and a banquet in January instead of the Christmas luncheon be approved. Motion carried.

50/50 winner was Francine P. who won $74.

Gail C. moved to adjourn and Laverne seconded. Meeting adjourned at 11:50AM.
Respectfully submitted by Donna Feller, secretary