Membership dues are collected in January.  Dues include

  1. GHIN handicap set up and maintenance,
  2. League Luncheon (January),
  3. Club Championship luncheon (February)
  4. League prizes, plaques and trophies.

CBLNHGA members also receive a discount of up to 15% in the CBCC Pro Shop and are able to purchase certificates for 24 9-hole rounds (with cart) at the course twilight rate.

Annual dues are $55 for active membership ($30 for honorary membership); payable by check to CBLNHGA and delivered to the league Treasurer. dues may be adjusted as needed.

To retain active status, members must

  1. be current on their dues
  2. play a minimum of 10 rounds in regularly scheduled CBLNHGA play in a 12 month period (Fridays only).