Planning a Tournament

Tournament Times and dates are set in advance with Joe Tucker and Heidi at the beginning of the golf season by the league president

One month before tournament:

  • Decide name, game, and rules
  • Prepare sign up sheet , include the cut-off date (5 days before tournament) and who to pay fee to ($5.00)
  • Decide what food will be served and prepare a volunteer sign-up sheet
  • Buy supplies needed for tournament ie:plates, napkins, forks, and mulligan indicators (candy or tees)
  • Place the sign -up sheets on the bulletin board

Five days before the tournament

  • Inquire in Pro-Shop which course will be played
  • Make pairings using handicap course index
  • Prepare cards with names and make a rules sheet to attach
  • Call captains (A player) of each team asking them to call their team members
  • Arrange with Heidi for the coffee and tea. Collect table cloths
  • Decide prizes

Day of Tournament

  • Give Joe a final list of pairings and prize format
  • Set up mulligan purchase table
  • Set up 50/50 table
  • Set up table to hand out cards, rules, etc. Don’t give out card until ALL FOUR PLAYERS are present and have checked in
  • Money Give Treasurer and Heidi a head count for coffee and tea (Treasurer pays for this from treasury)

Mulligan money and $5.00 are used for

  • $20.00 tip to Heidi
  • Tournament supplies
  • Prize money

50/50 money, 1/2 for the winning ticket and 1/2 to the treasury

After Tournament

  • Arrange for table cloth collection and washing and return to the next tournament person
  • General clean up
  • Prepare and hand in to president an over-view of the tournament including format, winners, receipts, left over money or bills not covered (which ever the case may be)